I realize I have not been here in a while. I plan not to address this; rather to begin again.

There has been so much going on: a pandemic, my mom died, I’ve been building a business, I’ve aged another few years. I realize all that may sound a little brusque. But, well, there it is.

This is the thing – I just wrote a Facebook post and used the word ‘nay.’ What is up with that?

Actually, several events, including the ‘nay’, have occurred concurrently that compelled me to return here. Allow me to elucidate… (See, there I go again!)

I was in a quandry as to how to make my social media posts more vital and yet stay authentic. Suffcient valuable content – always an issue. I am recording a really long audiobook which makes it doubly tough. If one is trying to post about one’s audiobooks and it is taking longer than usual to record said audiobook (because of its length) it becomes increasingly difficult to find tangible, interesting, varied, posting material other than ‘buy my audiobook.’ (Ick.)

SO I decided to begin posting progress reports on the recording itself. Just meandering thoughtfully through events and ideas that come up during the day of recording. And I think, if I do say so myself, it has been quite successful. And also rewarding. (It got me back here, didn’t it?)

Hard right turn.

I am about to begin, NAY, have begun …

(See, did it again.)

…a 5 day fast mimicking diet.

This is not the first time. And EVERY time I intended to blog each day about its progress but just…

never did.

BUT here I now am, doing it. Yay (not ‘nay).

I feel very positive about this fast. I do not (right now anyway) feel like I am depriving myself. I feel quite abundant and healthful about it. Like I am giving to myself a gift – not taking away.

I have felt this way all day. Bountiful. Possible. Which is an abrupt change from the way I have been feeling for weeks, maybe even longer. And I find that interesting.

Additionally, this is the third day in the execution of a decision to stop drinking. It is the fifty-third day in a commitment to practice yoga everyday (or as close as I can come to everyday; ‘life happens’ not withstanding). Nor do I discount the possibility of a change in the planets – objects in retrograde and whatnot.

‘Irregardless’, it feels good, I’ve got to tell you.

I also weighed myself yesterday for the first time in a very long time. And was not horrified.

AND then lost a pound when I weighed myself today. La!

I have some intentions for this fast.

BUT at the same time I dove in to make my ‘To Do’ List, it hit me that worrying about clearing out the small things before doing the big things, the things I really, really want to do and would be inspired by, might not be the best way to go. Even though I spend a great deal of time in my regular life clearing out small things to get to the big things because at some level of my undiagnosed OCD it seems like the better thing to do.

But it doesn’t feel that way; this time. So hey, let’s do something different. Why not? (No nay’s, please.)

SO each day I intend to do some big, one, lovely thing I really want to do. This might very well be it for today. Yay!

AND I would very much like to intend to do something really caring for myself each day; bubble bath, paint my toenails, a facial, nap…. Wouldn’t that be lover-ly?

It might could only be my yoga practice. But it might just could be more…. Think of it? (Yeah.)

“If writing makes it so.”

‘I can.’

‘I choose.’

‘I will.’

See you tomorrow.


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