SO – Day Four. Almost there.

I feel better. I slept much better. Though I still feel tired. But I think that’s how it is when you have not slept well in a while.

I don’t feel as clever today. (Aww.)

My neck is much better. Interestingly…. Considering some of the revelations I had yesterday.

I did wake up troubled. Bombarded again, in a kinder, gentler, early morning kind of way, by those same several issues pending in my life that I feel (appropriately or not) responsible for creating and for solving.

And then I realized I was off to the races, and I really didn’t want to get all revved up again. So I did a series of Pranayama alternate nostril breathing (yes, that I learned from Adriene) to try to balance and calm. Cuz 7am is way too early for this kind of shite.

AND I remembered that now is not the time. (Hellooo?! Day 4 – 5 day fast mimicking diet?)

SO I got out of bed to this beautiful world I live in called ‘Paradise’. And my darling husky, who always makes me smile. And my crazy vociferous cat, and my handsome front porch cat, and my house I love. And I counted my blessings and thanked my lucky stars and fed my herd.

And while I was waking up the house, I got to thinking…

You know some of these feelings are Ghosts from the past, – and some of these feelings are Expectations born of thinking about the future.

AND what if I just stayed here in this moment…

and the next moment, and the next moment, and etc…

Where would these kinds of feelings have to go?

If I just stay right here, right now, dealing only with what’s right in front of me….

If I had done that then…? (oops, there I go again.)

ANYWAY, it was interesting to consider.

‘Being in the moment’ is something I’ve heard my whole career in my acting training. It’s something I hear regularly in my new yoga practice. Maybe I just had a real time epiphany of how pain might be avoided, but more importantly my life enhanced. Simplified, even. Released. (?)

And not just the payoff, but what the actual mechanics of ‘being in the moment’ looks like in action.

Theoretically. (Coward.)

Does that make sense?

Hard right turn.

I gave myself a facial yesterday and it was sublime. I bought this kit from Mountain Rose Herbs at the beginning of the pandemic and never used it. (Of course.)

But I’m glad, cuz today I used it and it was absolutely divine.

I also talked on the phone to a very dear friend. One and a half hours we talked.

The first step in relieving stress (I realized my left eye was ticking) is to talk to a trusted friend or family member. We talked about all the stuff I wrote about. Yesterday. (You know.)

I walked the dog, then I talked to her, then yoga, then dog walk (cuz you just gotta again, right?), then facial.

Then I watched a really good basketball game with my husband. And ate my watery soup.

(Fast mimicking.)

It’s NBA playoff season, you know. ‘at’s some goood b-ball.

And I was never even hungry.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

See you tomorrow.


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